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The New Leadership

Who Needs Storytelling?

Whether you’re a leader, manager, sales rep, facilitator, teacher, or parent, you need to teach, lead, and inspire others.

We help both experienced and novice storytellers turn their own experiences into stories that convey principles, teach lessons, and inspire change. You can gain the power of Master Storytelling.







“Stories are an underutilized tool that add power to our efforts. There’s great power in using your everyday experiences to drive home the points you’re trying to make in brief but well-crafted stories. Your anecdotes can lead others to take action.”

From “Master Storytelling: How to Turn Your Experiences Into Stories that Teach, Lead, and Inspire”


What We Provide

We’ll help you strengthen your leadership and influence by identifying experiences and crafting them into effective stories.


Expert advice simply delivered

We’ve distilled the best research and added our experience to make the storytelling process accessible to anyone and instructive for everyone.

Learning delivered your way

From interactive workshops to personalized coaching to self-study resources, we’ll help you master storytelling your way.

Still not convinced?

No problem. We’ll still give you some freebies while you’re thinking about it.






What people say about us

“I really enjoyed the insights in Master Storytelling. I understand now why I connect to other's stories and better understand how to use the power of storytelling. I feel empowered by the concepts I learned to use stories to connect and teach.”

“Master Storytelling shows both the importance of stories in human interaction, and how to improve your own storytelling ability. It goes through all the information in simple language that makes it easy to understand and apply. I look forward to applying this information and seeing what improvements I can make in my career!”

Thank you for enlightening us. It’s so important to tell a great story and the right story in marketing and sales. I greatly appreciated this course. It inspired me to change my style of communication

Master Storytelling is perfect for anyone looking to punch up their storytelling craft and offers great ideas for how storytelling can enhance teaching/training, coaching or public speaking skills.

I loved reading the book, Master Storytelling, and gained a much deeper understanding of the power of stories and how to organize and share them. When I took the training, the principles from the book impacted me on a much higher level. It clicked! As I learned and practiced with my fellow participants, I developed the ability to see engaging story possibilities in my daily life. I am now crafting and utilizing authentic stories in a much more efficient manner and am seeing results in my personal and professional experiences.

Wow – as a speaker, a coach, and a business owner, this content sparked my imagination! Out of the gates, I was struck by the idea that storytelling = sense making … stories are how we experience life and how we connect the dots between an idea and how it relates to our world.  After the course, I was inspired to create my own “storytelling” journal where I capture experiences in my every day that evoke emotion and drive home a bigger message. Master Storytelling provided an easy framework for me to bring my experiences to life in a concise, impactful way.

I really am blown away by the transformation I experienced in three short days. I’ve gone from intellectually understanding that others are good storytellers to now feeling like I have what it takes to be a good storyteller! So, thank you!

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