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Develop Mastery

Storytelling is a skill that everyone can improve—casual storytellers, novices, and experts alike. We’re here with options to help you truly master storytelling.

Master Storytelling Workshop

Engaging, interactive content that leads you through identifying, creating, and delivering stories that teach, lead, sell, and inspire.

Three options for learning

1. Live and in-person

  • Join us for a half-day open enrollment session
  • Schedule us to come to your location so you can experience Master Storytelling as a team.

2. Live online: Three 90-minute sessions spread over three days.

  • Attend an open enrollment course
  • Schedule a private course for your team.

3. Online On-Demand: Learn Master Storytelling at your own pace whenever and wherever you want. You'll miss the interaction with others, but you'll participate in quizzes and personal application exercises in seven short video-based modules. Leave your pajamas on while you learn!

Trainer Certification

Extend the skills of Master Storytelling across your organization by certifying as an internal trainer to facilitate courses. Interested? Click below to request more information.


Impactful Speeches

We'll help make your event, conference, retreat, or company meeting a success by delivering a powerful 30-45 minute speech on how to improve impact with storytelling.

impactful speaches

Speech Topics

These are the speech topics we cover

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Your Brain On Stories: The Surprising Reason Stories Actually Work

In this keynote you’ll learn:

  • What brain science reveals about how our listener's process information.
  • The common mistakes we make when trying to teach, lead, sell, and inspire.
  • Why something as simple as storytelling can make a difference if done correctly.
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How to Teach, Lead, Sell, and Inspire (Hint: It’s Not What You’re Now Doing)

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Why our current strategies to teach, lead, sell, and inspire fall short of expectations.
  • What’s happening in the minds of those who are listening to you.
  • A simple strategy for getting people to understand, remember, and act on your messages
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Your Boring Life Makes A Difference

In this session you’ll learn::

  • How to identify moments that can be impactful experiences to teach, lead, sell, and inspire.
  • Why crafting those moments into meaningful stories makes a difference.
  • What you can learn and use from masters of storytelling without writing a bestselling novel.

Storytelling Coaching

Storytelling Coaching

Live Coaching

45-minute live, online session with a personal coach to give you feedback on your stories.

$239 /session

You could get feedback from friends, but if you want expert advice, sign up for coaching from the storytelling experts.

Storytelling Coaching

Virtual Coaching

Expert virtual feedback – the next best thing to live feedback.

$149 /story

Want a light version of coaching? Send us a video of you telling a story. We’ll send you an email with some feedback.

Storytelling Coaching

On-Site Coaching

On-site observation of facilitation or speech with feedback and coaching.

Contact for pricing

Four hours maximum observation followed by a one-hour coaching session.


Buy the Book

If you’re not ready for the class or coaching, this is a good place to start. Click below to order the book, eBook, or audiobook.