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About Master Storytelling

Turn your Experiences into Stories that Teach, Lead, and Inspire

About the Book

Your life is full of experiences that can teach principles, lead teams, and inspire action. But instead of tapping into these experiences, you use facts, numbers, and reasoning — numbing your audiences into a coma. Whether you’re a speaker, leader, teacher, coach, or anyone else who needs to instruct and inspire, this book is for you. In Master Storytelling, you’ll learn:

  • Why stories are so enticing to our brains.
  • How to find experiences that teach, lead, and inspire.
  • A simple process to craft those experiences into compelling stories.
  • How anyone can become a good storyteller.

About the Authors

Collectively, Mark and Darrell have 60 years of experience (scary, huh!). This experience includes years of facilitating training, coaching leaders, and consulting with companies across a broad range of industries. They both love learning and sharing knowledge and skills that can help individuals and organizations be more successful. They’ve had a blast working together on this book and the corresponding workshop. But their favorite title is one that can’t be overrated: grandpa!


“I predict that this book will surprise you. The authors have discovered how this well-recognized form of communication can be deeply utilized to improve your interactions in powerful ways. Through the effective use of well-prepared stories, data dumps or boring meetings can be turned into inspiring, memorable, motivating experiences.”

Ron McMillan

Best-selling author, from the foreword.